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  • IS
    A source of iron and amino acids which has a positive impact on the HEMOPOIESIS at anemia and accelerates the processes of restoration and adhesion after traumas, fractures, surgical interferences.
    And SANOGENETIC body properties; eliminates the state of pre-existing disease, prevents the progress of disease.
    The mental and physical capacity.
    The sexual function; prolongs the duration of the sexual act and makes it more intensive.
    Has a positive effect on the state of the vegetative nervous system; is applied at arterial hypotension; improves the vascular elasticity; reduces METEOSENSITIVITY.
    The processes of senescence activating the energetic, synthetic and metabolic processes late in life.
    The sportsmen's adaptation to loads; improves their performance capability. At that, the rate of the sportsmen's body adaptation after loads gets increased.

«Pantogematogen Northern» biologically active supplement

  • Scope:

It is a universal adaptogenic medication with mild effect. It is a natural source of iron, natural free amino acids, digestible vitamins and minerals of animal origin.

  • Has a positive effect on the blood formation in the anemic state - reliably increases hemoglobin to the optimum level.
  • Can be used in case of hypotension, improves blood vessel elasticity.
  • Restores the body's metabolic processes.
  • Accelerates the recovery and healing processes after injuries; fractures and surgical intervention.
  • Positively effects on an autonomic nervous system, reduces irritability.
  • Reduces fatigue, meteosensitivity and relieves headaches.
  • Accelerates the body's adaptation to stress, increases its workability, increases speed and strength results, speeds up the healing process after sports injuries, high training loads, reduces the effects of competition stress. The medication does not contain any doping component, that is why it can be used in sports.
  • Stimulates sexual function, increases the duration and intensity of sexual intercourse.
  • Slows down the aging process, activates power, synthetic and metabolic capacities of an organism.
  • Being an active stimulant, it increases sanogenetic possibilities of a body, eliminates the pre-disease state and prevents its transition to a severe disease, which means it can be widely used as a preventive measure.

The Research of the medication was confirmed by the expert opinion of GUNII Nutrition number 72 / E - 287 / B-07 from 01.03.2007, FGUZ FTsTiE Rospotrebnadzor FC № 10-2 / 1894 from 14.04.10.

Composition: defibrinated reindeer blood 56%, an extract from antlers of reindeer 8%, sugar syrup 35.4%, fruit essences 0.5%, ascorbic acid 0.1% .

Doze: daily dose (2 tablespoons) contains 10-12mg of iron, which corresponds to 71–86% of the iron from the recommended daily intake for adults.

Pharmaceutical form: liquid, in a glass bottle with capacity of 250 ml; in a sachets (15 ml).

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature from 0 to + 20 ° C. Gelation is acceptable, store in refrigerator after opening.

Storage life: 18 months.

Transport Packaging: 12 bottles, 12 boxes.

Organic preparations made of reindeer-breeding products.

From the ancient times the Raw materials of animal origin (primarily deer) have been used in Oriental medicine for preparing a number of medicines. In Oriental medicine, organic preparations later started to be used from the internals of cattle, sheeps and pigs, raised on a special cattle-breeding farms of Australia and New Zealand. Medicine made of healthy animal’s internals and tissue plays an major role in biochemistry for homologous internals and humans tissues. They effectively eliminate the imbalance and biologically active substance deficiency in homologous affected tissues, thus effecting on the physiological regeneration process. Due to this feature organic preparations had been applied as a high effective and reliable treatment for (severe internal pathology) treatment, rehabilitation of patients after surgical interventions, chemo- and radiotherapy, and body’s rejuvenation.

In Russia, only a reindeer meets the needs of the organ donor, used for producing medicines, which saturates the body with vital biologically active substances. It is related with the year-round keeping of the reindeer in the native pastures in the extreme North conditions, infectious safety and biological control, availability of killing points and departments which are standardized by the European Requirements.

The employees of «Ferment» Close Joint-stock Company had developed a line of products made of deer antlers and blood, these products are successfully used as a medicine, BAA, antler baths and as a raw mateials for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The preparations made of reindeer-breeding products developed by «Ferment» Close Joint-stock Company:

Product name Pharmaceutical Form Content of biologically active substances Indications
«Velkornin» Liquid Lipids, Phospholipids, amino acids, peptides In case of fatiguability at the period of recovery after infectious diseases and after surgical interventions asthenic condition, neurosis functional disorders in the sexual sphere.
«Pantocrine the Northern» tablets, capsules Amino acids, peptides, lipids asthenia, neurosis, arterial hypotension, sleep recovery, sexual disorders.
«Pantogematogen the Northern» liquid The source of iron, amino acids, vitamins and digestible minerals Iron-deficiency anemia, In case of fatiguability, weakened immune system, after severe disease, injuries, depression, chemotherapy
Hematogen for children «Gemalad» nutritionbar Iron, amino acids, microelements, vitamin «С» Anemia against the backgroung of the iron deficiency in the period of physical and mental stress, after recovery from severe desease, emaciation, hypoalimentation
Hematogen adult «Polar explorer» nutritionbar Iron, amino acids, microelements vitamins Chronic fatigue, prostration, dizziness, depression, anemia, blood loss
«Rekodepan» capsule Amino acids, peptides, lipids, salidroside acceleration of body's adaptation to loadings, improves workability accelerating the recovery of athletes after high intensive loadings
«Coll-Horn» sachet collagen, peptides, chondroitin, glucosamine Osteoarthritis of various localization, intervertebral osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, the restoration of the joints after fractures and sports injuries
«Gifts of the Arctic» sachet peptides, amino, acetylcholine, salidroside Musculoskeletal System Diseases. Osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, weakened immune system, arterial hypotonia
Raw materials for food and pharmaceutical industry
«Pantel» vacuum pack The concentrate of biologically active substances extracted from reindeer antlers For production of stimulant medications and BAA; an additive to balsam, vodka, beer; can be used in cosmetology
«Gemolen» vacuum pack Freeze-dried defibrinated reindeer blood Production of iron-containing BAA (Pantohematogen and Hematogen), gel
Collagen-peptide complex vacuum pack The concentrate of biologically active substances extracted from reindeer horns Production of BAA form maintaining the musculoskeletal system, cosmetology

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