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Mechanism of the action/effect of Velcornine on human body

Action/effect Biologically active substancesMechanism of the action/effect
1 2 3
1. Stimulating effect Lipids, CHOLINE-RELATED substances Strengthens GLYCOLYSIS (glucose breakdown), conserves the muscular activity energy (CP, ATP)
2. Tonic effect Complex of BAS Correlates the interaction between metabolism, the state of cardiovascular apparatus, GIT and nervous system
3. GIT Mineral composition, calcium salts Improves the gastric motor activity due to elimination of the muscle fiber fatigue and due to the activation (impulse) acceleration.
4. IMMUNOACTIVE effect Free amino acids, nucleotides, peptides The synthesis of IMMUNOGLOBULINS and T-lymphocytes gets increased
5. Sexual function Testosterone The action on the sex steroid secretion and the NEUROPSYCHIC and vascular state of the body.
6. NEOGENESIS (regeneration of textures) Free amino acids, nucleic acids A stimulating effect on FIBROPLASTS and the MICROVASCULAR system of the affected area.
7. Prolongation of life Growth hormone, F-factor, INSULINOID substances. The action through central nervous system on the ENDOGENIC synthesis of the biologically active substances in human body.