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Pantohematogen Severnyj chemical composition

BAA name: Pantogematogen Northern

Series: 01-07

Manufacturer: CJSC "FERMENT"

IndicesTechnical requirement: 9218-006-13148879-07Analysis
1 2 3
Description Brown liquid with aromatic smell and sweet taste Corresponds
Density, g/ml 1,15 1,20
Dry solids weight ratio, mg % no less than 59,0 60
Authenticity criteria
Availability of amino acids Blue and violet color Corresponds
Iron content, mg/kg 275.0-325.0 303,3
PANTOHEMATOGEN authenticity Identified by the fatty acid composition of the plasma lipoprotein complex. Corresponds
Toxic elements, mg/kg, up to
Lead 0,6 < 0,03
Cadmium 0,3 < 0,004
Arsenic 1,0 0,004
Mercury 0,1 < 0,005
Microbiological purity
QMAFA n M (Quantity of MESOPHILIC Aerobic and Facultative Aerobic Microorganisms – total viable count), CFU (Colony Forming Units)/g, no more than 5*105 1,6*102
COLIFORMS (Escherichia coli group bacteria) 0,1 Not detected
Pathogenic, salmonella 25,0 Not detected
S-algid 1,0 Not detected
Sulfite-reducing clostridia 1,0 Not detected
Pesticide content, mg/kg, no more than
GRANOSAN with gamma isomer additives 0,1 Not detected
DDT (DICHLORO-DIPHENYL-TRICHLOROETHANE) and its metabolites 0,1 Not detected
Heptachlor not allowed Not detected
ALDRIN not allowed Not detected

Marking: meets the requirements of TC 9218-006-13148879-07

Packing: meets the requirements of TC 9218-006-13148879-07

Period of validity: 1.5 years

Conclusion: The biologically active additive to food – Pantogematogen Northern – meets the requirements of TC 9218-006-13148879-07.

Content of growth hormones and factors in Pantohematogen Severnyj

Testosterone, pg/ml 486
17 beta ESTRADIOL, pg/ml 15
Growth hormones (h GH) m u/g 0,005
Insulin-like growth factor (JGF-1), n g/mg 124,70
Epidermal growth factor (EGF), pg/ml 2,39
Nerve growth factor (NGF), pg/ml 71.4