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How useful the "Gemolen" is

«Gemolen» — represents a lyophilized defibrinated reindeer blood. It represents a raw material for BAA production: «Pantogematogen the Northern», hematogen for children «Gemalad», hematogen for adult «Polar explorer», «Ferrogen» and others).

Hemoglobin is a «Gemolen» 's pharmacologically active substance, which consists of the protein «globin» and «heme». The difference in the structure of the human and animal hemoglobin appears only in its protein part — globin, heme at all wildlife has the same structure (the complex of the porphyrin with ferrous iron).

Blood-containing medications include the whole complex of active substances, such as are amino acids, peptides, nucleic acids, lipids, macro and microcells, growth factors, and the most important element — ferrous iron, which absorbs in the human body 10 times better than iron of another valence.

The mechanism of action of heme of reindeer blood on the human body according to the principle of organ-tissue similarity:

  • Activation (recovery) the synthesis of heme and hemoglobin with red blood cells, myoglobin;
  • Increase the iron absorbability in the intestine;
  • The stimulation of erythropoiesis and restore deformity of the red blood cells;
  • Recovery processes of oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation;
  • The elimination of tissue hypoxia;
  • The stimulation of hematopoiesis and activation of other functions of the blood (respiratory, nutritional, anti-toxic, antimicrobial);
  • Replenishment of iron.

Typical iron deficiency symptoms of anemia:

Blood system: anemia, latent iron deficiency, disorders of iron utilization mechanisms, anemia, disturbance of blood, tissue hypoxia.

Respiratory system: Shortness of breath, dyspnea with those who used either a very light load.

Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, functional systolic murmur.

Digestive system: taste perversion, burning and tingling of the tongue, nausea, difficulty swallowing dry food, loss of appetite or rapid saturation after receiving a small amount of food, the loss of gloss of teeth and rapid tooth decay.

Visual organs: reduced vision, blurry spots that drift in front of the eyes.

Somatic sphere: generalized weakness, increased fatigue especially to the end of the working day, general discomfort.

Mental health: memory decline, mental capacity, drowsiness, irritability, depression, lack of will.

Organs of immunogenesis: decrease in resistance to infections.

Muscles: decreased muscle tone, weakness and tremors at slight physical exertion, seizures.

Medications made of «Gemolen» represent an antianemic and antihypoxic medicinal products, which lead to the elimination of symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.