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Gemolen - chemical composition

Raw materials manufactured by «Ferment» Joint-Stock Company

«Gemolen» — freeze-dried reindeer defibrinated blood.

Approved for using in the food industry for the production of biologically active food additives.

For a period of 2 thousand years, in traditional medicine of China, Tibet and the countries of Southeast Asia, the deer blood is being used for preparing medications, which increase the human vitality, postpone the retirement age, enhance wound healing, improve sexual function
The most favourite dainties of those who live in the North of Russia, are reindeer antlers and blood. In the extreme North conditions, in the struggle for survival in the short polar days, reindeer generates the largest number of biologically active substances. Due to this unique phenomenon, those native people who consume reindeer blood have a burst of vitality. Thus, the vital biological substances, which help human to survive the harsh conditions of the north, are being compensated.

Due to the unique chemical composition, «Gemolen» is appropriate to use in production of biologically active food substances (especially based on honey), BAA, which have a good effect on hematopoiesis in case of anemia, which accelerate the healing process of injuries, fractures, after surgical intervention, increase immunity and sexual function; BAA for athlets, which increase their workability and restore the body after loadings. Being a good preservative for dried blood, honey prevents the oxidation of iron, helping to its assimilation in the human body. «Gemolen» is a source of iron and the amino acid, 1 kg of dry product contains 1933 mg of iron, 679–756 g of amino acids.

Product quality is determined by the level of production technology, which is based on the following rules:

  • The work is carried out only with healthy animals under veterinary supervision.
  • Blood sampling takes place in the slaughter complex (certified according to European standards) in the period of maximum accumulation of biogenic stimulants in the deer body.
  • In the manufacturing process a special system of blood sampling and sterile medical utensils are used.
  • Blood is not subject to division into separate fractions.
  • The raw material is processed using lyophilic plants under very restricted temperature conditions.
  • At each stage of the production, level of cleanliness meets the existing requirements.
  • All finished products are required to be declared in accordance with technical regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011.

The «Gemolen» production technology keeps the whole complex of biologically active substances, macro- and trace elements, amino acids, lipids, peptides, growth factors, nucleic acids and etc.

The content of amino acids in "Gemolen" (mg / g):

NameTotal Amount
1 Aspartic acid 70,3
2 Threonine 32
3 Serine 37,4
4 Glutamic acid 74,9
5 Proline 1
6 Alanine 68
7 Glycine 33,8
8 Valine 68,6
9 Methionine 7,3
10 Isoleucine 6,5
11 Leucine 114,9
12 Tyrosine 25,3
13 Phenylalanine 60,4
14 Ornithine 0,2
15 Lysine 62,4
16 Histidine 55,3
17 Arginine 38,1
  TOTAL: 756,4

Mineral composition of «Gemolen»:

Kalium, g/kg 1,5
Natrium, g/kg 1,25
Magnesium, g/kg 0,24
Ferrum, g/kg 1,88-2,1
Manganese, mg/kg 3,3
Cuprum, mg/kg 11,04
Zincum, mg/kg 0,20

Growth factors in dried blood:

Growth factor in international measure unit mu/kg 0,052
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) ng/g 1309,8
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) pg/g 25,1
Nerve growth factor pg/g 750

Recomendation: Production of iron-containing BAA

Pharmaceutical form: Dry powder, packed in vacuum bags.

Storage: in a dry dark place inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Storage life: 2 years.